You will understand the key concept and their applications in business decisions like make or buy, expand or shut down, expand or shrink, product mix determination etc. You will understand the various ways in which information technology and information management are useful in business management and enhancing the competitiveness of company

You will learn in detail about marketing mix components viz.products, price, distribution and promotion and how the mix changes at different stages of marketing process. You will be able to "analyze and understand behavior in an organizational context with an emphasis on decision making".

You will be able to develop the art of effective communication and presentation. You will understand the corporate environment in which a responsible business has to be conducted by a good corporate manager.

You will learn how important it is for companies to conceive new projects, execute them efficiently and manage them well after commencement of commercial production so that the company can achieve growth and profitability.

You will understand the importance of efficient operations management and its strategic importance in the smooth operation of business Ultimately, how much benefit you derive from a course essentially depends upon you and your willingness to learn and your ability to stretch your imagination. The ISMEEDU unique short duration distance learning correspondence management programs will certainly tickle your intellectual curiosity and will open career opportunities.

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