The Doctorate in Management Studies ( DMS) is a unique doctoral program in management. It aims to develop individuals into distinguished consultants and managers in the field of management. Unlike similar programs in Western Business Schools the DMS Program is designed to provide both breadth and depth in the field of knowledge to the doctoral students.

The mission of the program is to provide in - depth knowledge and proficiency to students so that they can become distinguished, pioneering and innovative teachers, trainers, consultants and researchers in the field of management. The Institute seeks to ensure that DMS students are among the best equipped to meet the needs of high quality management education in the country.

Leaders, managers and consultants today have to acting and increasingly complex environment, including economic, technological, cultural, social and emotional aspect. Many feel that dominate ways of making scene of complex organizational situations are one sided, in that they are blind to whole spheres of human experience. This doctorate management studies ( DMS) program has been decided for leaders, managers, internal and external consultants and other agents of changing organizations who want to articulate what is being ignored in the dominants theoretical approaches. This program allows you to explore alternative ways of thinking about organizations and to develop skills for facilitating creative changing complex social and organizational situations. The aim is to improve both individual and organizational effectiveness.


  • General Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Human Resource Management
  • MarketingManagement
  • BusinessManagement
  • InternationalBusiness
  • CorporateLaw
  • Specialization
  • (OptionalSubject)
  • ProjectStudy


Eligibility Graduate or diploma holder with experience
Fast track 1 YEAR
Regular 2 year
Examination 30 DAYS
Fees Rs.70,500/-

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